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Calgary's Best Kitchen Cabinets

Our efficient in-house manufacturing process allows us to create, deliver, and install our products in record time without compromising quality
Who we are

We bring over 20 years of experience and fine craftsmanship to all of our products.

Flex Cabinets and Millwork Inc. is a locally owned and operated cabinetry company in Calgary, Alberta.

Cabinet TV in modern living room.
The highest quality materials on the market

Locally Custom Make Kitchen Cabinets

We design, fabricate, assemble, and install all of our products. All our products are completely customizable, so we will work with you to create something that suits your specific needs. Your vision will be custom crafted exactly how you want it at our local in-house shop.

Locally Sourced

100% Canadian. All of our products are built, manufactured and serviced in Calgary.

On-Site Consultation

Visit our showroom or contact us for schedule an on-site consultation.

Custom Cabinet Design

We absolutely design something truly custom to suit your needs.


We offer a 1-year warranty period free of charge on all our products.

Where to Start

Start with our experts

It’s best to think about how the kitchen could best serve you and your family’s needs. Planning your kitchen renovation can get overwhelming; our kitchen designers can walk you through every detail to make your space beautiful and functional.

We recommend scheduling an appointment in our showroom where we can give you individualized attention and help you toward a successful kitchen upgrade.


Cabinet designs for living room.

Thanksgiving 2023
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